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People Group of the Month
People Group of the Month

People of Iraq

Persecution Level:



42 million



Main Religion:



Federal Parliamentary Republic


President Barham  Salih

What does persecution look like in Iraq? What is life like for Christians?

After years of violence, an uncertain peace has come to Iraq—but 2020 saw recurrent violent 

protests and the instability in Iraq is a catalyst for the ongoing persecution of Christians.

Christians from a Muslim background often keep their faith a secret, because of the pressure and threats

they are likely to receive from extended family members, clan leaders and the wider society.

Christian converts risk losing inheritance rights or the right to marry—and they are not   

allowed to marry Christians, as the law still considers them Muslim.

Islamic extremists remain active in Iraq, attacking and kidnapping Christians.

The government also discriminates against Christians in various contexts, from the workplace to check points.

Blasphemy laws can also be used against those who try to spread the gospel.


Pray for Iraq

  • Pray for a breakthrough in Iraq and an end to the waves of violence. Ask the Lord to put peace into the hearts of Christians—and those who persecute them.
  • Pray God would turn the hearts of Iraq’s leaders to Him. Pray that they will be given wisdom to lead their country with righteousness and mercy.
  • Praise God for the amazing opportunities that people experience when it comes to sharing the gospel. Pray for a holy thirst and hunger among the people of Iraq for God.
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