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Recommended Resources 

Below we have listed some great resources we highly recommend.  Also listed are some wonderful websites that will strengthen you in your walk with the Lord. This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, just a place to start.  

A great memory tool to get the truths of God in your children.News of the day from a Christian worldview.Informative resource reminding parents that they are to be the primary disciplers of their children.33 minute witnessing tool that gets to the heart of the abortion crisis in America and presents the Gospel as well.
Great resource for families considering adoption.The World and Everything In It: News of the day from a Christian worldviewA critical look at "modern youth ministry" from the perspective of the Bible.Biblical fatherhood as the key to a thriving family
A sobering read at the reality of young people abandoning the faith at a very young age. What must parents do? What must the church do?John MacArthur has written numerous books that are very good resources for the church. The Truth War is very timely for the modern church.Voddie was asked to fill in and preach one of the sessions at this conference a few years ago. Powerful.John Piper is a wise, godly man who offers good counsel on a number of difficult questions. 
 Answers in Genesis - Christian Apologetics
 The Way of the Master - Biblical Evangelism
 ESV Study Bible Online - Great resource for online scripture study
 NCFIC - National Center for Family Integrated Churches
 Wretched  - Christian talk radio and some great resources
 Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood - Biblical Worldview
 Nine Marks of a Healthy Church - Answers for Pastors and Church Members
 CARM - Christian Apologetic Resource Ministry
 White Horse Inn - Information Concerning Modern Reformation
 Al Mohler - Blog post of a brilliant Christian man
 Alpha and Omega Ministries - Dr. James White's ministry site which is full of articles and podcasts dealing with a wide variety of subjects including Islam, Catholicism, and Reformed Theology
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